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PC, Mac and Tablet Setup

Whether you purchase your product from Prototech or somewhere else, we've got the expertise to set it up for you. From the first-time startup to software updates, desktop clean-up and more, this service will ensure your new device is ready to perform at its best.

PC, Mac & Tablet Setup

Our Setup services include

  • Get your device up and running
    We'll turn your device on, perform any first-time setup and make sure all major internal hardware components are working properly.
  • Set up user and e-mail accounts
    We can set up a new account or help you log in to your existing account. We can also configure e-mail accounts for your device's included e-mail app or Web browser.
  • Install software
    A Prototech member will install any system updates or other critical updates. We can also install and set up security software (sold separately) and applications.
  • Streamline your Start-up
    We'll give you quick access to your favourite programs and set up your system to automatically install future updates.
  • Remove unwanted software
    We'll get rid of unwanted programs and shortcuts that came pre-installed on your device, and clean up your Desktop, Start menu, and Quick Launch toolbar.
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