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IT Health Check & Audit

Does your business suffer from hours, days, even weeks of downtime due to IT issues?

Is lost productivity wasting your business’s time and money?

Get back on track, and enjoy optimised IT, eliminated downtime, and a boost in staff productivity with Prototech’s comprehensive IT Heath Check and Audit service for businesses. We can get to know your business’s current systems, needs, pain-points, and long-term goals to fix existing problems and prevent future IT disasters. We believe that, by getting to know your business’s needs, goals, and problem areas, we can audit, re-design, and optimise you're existing IT to ensure your tech helps your overall productivity.

Our audit process includes

  1. Initial site visit - We meet with you on-site, face-to-face, to get a thorough understanding of your businesses IT needs. We also learn about the IT problems you have previously experienced.
  2. Discussion - Together, we discuss your major pain-points, and where you see your business in 3-5 years’ time. We want your IT strategy to scale effectively.
  3. Cost-saving initiatives - Finally, we explore possible cost-saving initiatives that improve the efficiency of your staff and streamline your systems.

Our health check covers

  • Servers
    We check server performance and reliability. We analyse whether your existing servers are meeting your business’s needs now and as your business grows.
  • Backup
    We check your business’s backup strategy and functionality. We suggest using at least two forms of backup for protection against fires, floods, break-ins, hard drive failures, and other disasters.
  • Desktop computers
    Are your desktop computer out-of-date and slowing down? We perform necessary computer maintenance and upgrades and recommend more efficient desktop machines.
  • System Flexibility
    Does your business have employees that travel on a regular basis? We can setup their laptop computers, so they can access all relevant business files on the go.
  • Networking and Wireless
    We conduct a full Wi-Fi audit to ensure your Wi-Fi signal is strong and reliable throughout your office. We also check your Wi-Fi password for maximum security against hackers.
  • LCD monitors
    Are your staff members’ computer screens large enough? Would productivity be improved if we added second screens to your office’s desks?
  • Printers and scanners. Have you outgrown your existing printer and scanner? Are you over-spending on ink or toner? Do you want more advanced scanning technologies, such as scanning to email or scanning to PDF?
  • Anti-virus and anti-malware protection
    Computer viruses can have an extremely detrimental effect on your business: consider lost files, downtime, corrupt computers, and more. We check all of your computers, laptops, and servers for the latest anti-virus software.
  • UPS and surge protection
    Does your on-site server have a battery backup in case of power outages? Is your expensive computer equipment protected with proper surge protection? UPS protection prevents files from becoming damaged or destroyed during blackouts and electrical storms.
  • Password management and IT documentation
    Does your business keep secure records of all account passwords? Do you have records of all IT systems, with warranty information, serials numbers, and costs?

After thoroughly auditing and analysing your business’s IT, we make recommendations on how to improve your systems, reduce on-going costs, and eliminate all future and existing problems.

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