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Data Loss & Back Up Recovery

Work files, financial records, your reports, they're all just... gone. We know how you're feeling and the Prototech team are here to help.

Sometimes computers can malfunction causing disruptions to emails, system files, databases, CRMs, and user data files. These disruptions can often occur without warning and can result in the loss of your company or personal information and files.

In some cases, even when files are simply accidentally deleted, it may be possible to recover the files, but quick action is needed. It is important not to use the device as soon as you suspect data loss. When files are deleted or simply disappear, the Prototech team can perform deep system scans to determine where they have gone, and more importantly to see if they can be recovered. The next question is normally “how much data can be recovered”, and fortunately for you, we are your best choice for recovering as much data as possible.

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