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Computer & Network Security

With all of the personal information stored on computers today, there’s nothing more important than making sure they’re secure. Protect your financial records, personal emails and other private data from identity thieves by letting us secure your computer for you. We will make sure your systems are locked-down and safe from unauthorised access.

Our Computer and Network Security services include

  • Set up a unique network name
    We will set up a unique network name of your choosing so that you can easily identify yours from others in the surrounding area.
  • Enable wireless encryption
    Using a security key, your personal information will be protected from online theft and your internet connection secured against use by others.
  • Change the default administrator username and password
    All new routers come with a default, factory-set administrator username, and password. This makes them relatively insecure and vulnerable to being hacked, potentially putting any personal information stored on your network at risk. Your router’s default username and password will both be updated to ones of your choosing.
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